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Record results of Sava Turizem in this year and the expectations for 2016

In the period January–August, the Sava Turizem Group generated sales revenues of €44.7 million, which is close to 6% more than last year. Increased sales, the effects of the optimisation measures in business processes introduced and performed in the past years, enhanced productivity and further improvement in recognisability of its brands are reflected in a high EBITDA growth. This amounts to €10.7 million and is by 24.7% higher than in the same period last year. We attribute these results to the outstandingly efficient operations in and out-of-season period; consequently, we expect good business results for the year as a whole and that in the light of both sales revenues and operating profit.


Explanation about the decision of the Bank of Slovenia

By means of a decision, the Bank of Slovenia withdrew a permission from Sava d.d. for acquiring a qualifying holding in Gorenjska banka d.d. and ordered a disposal of shares of Gorenjska banka d.d. within a six-month period. The decision is not yet final; Sava d.d. will begin the procedure of judicial protection.

Response to misleading statements by Mr Janne Harjunpää, BAMC

It is difficult to make comments on biased interpretations by Mr Janne Harjunpää from BAMC, since it is obvious that the main motif of his appearance in a broadcast on RTV Slovenija is to divert attention away from the difficulties encountered by BAMC on account of their modus operandi. The fact is that almost each of his sentences should deserve comment, since his appearance is filled with substance that misleads and is based solely on half-truths or even…


Extraordinary Supervisory Board meeting

The Supervisory Board of Sava d.d., who perform their supervisory function regularly and proactively, have recently even intensified their activity.


Notice by President of the Management Board about the Proposal for a consensual termination of the term of office

Today, I sent the Chairman of Sava d.d.’s Supervisory Board a Proposal for a consensual termination of the term of office of President of the Management Board in accordance with director’s service contract. 


Business operations of the Sava Group and Sava d.d. in the period January-September 2015 and changes in the Management Board

At the 21st regular meeting held on 19 November 2015, the Supervisory Board of Sava d.d. was briefed about business operations of the Sava Group and Sava d.d. in the period January–September 2015.


The period for filing a compulsory settlement proposal extended

On 16 December 2015, the District Court in Ljubljana decided in the matter of compulsory settlement proceedings against Sava d.d. and ruled that the period for filing a proposal of compulsory settlement, being a part of the financial restructuring plan (a subsequent proposal of compulsory settlement), be extended until 16 February 2016.



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