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Notice on the change in the proportion of securities held by the President of the Management Board in the issuer’s capital

Based on the provisions of the Rules of Ljubljanska borza, d.d., and the Financial Instruments Market Act, the company Sava, d.d., announces that following the finality of the legal decision on the confirmation of compulsory composition of Sava, d.d., of 12.11.2016 (confirmed and published by the Court on 21.11.2016) and in accordance with the provision of Article 199 of the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Winding-up Act, based on the conversion of ordinary claims of the company Sava, d.d., new shares have been paid up and previous shares have been rescinded.

The rescinded shares include three previous shares issued by Sava, d.d., and held by Mr. Gregor Rovanšek, President of the Management Board, totalling 0.0001% of the Sava, d.d., share capital.

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