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Organisational structure

Sava d.d. is the management centre of the Sava Group and it also carries out the investment finance operations. To support the restructuring strategy adopted in September 2011, Sava d.d. remodelled into a strategically supervised financial holding and reorganised internally.

A decentralised organisational structure defines the competences and the responsibilities shared between the parent company and its subsidiaries more clearly:

  • The management of Sava d.d. is responsible for managing the investment portfolio of the company and the strategic supervision of the Group.
  • The management teams in divisions and companies are responsible for their operative business.

The remodelled internal organisation of Sava d.d. results from the change in the Group’s management model, which replaced the former active network management via 13 competence centres of knowledge. It assures a higher level of efficiency and a simplified supervision over the implementation of tasks. Furthermore, it assures the compliance of the operations in Sava Group companies with the internal policies and rules, and the legislation.



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