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About Sava




Mission of the holding company Sava d.d.

Through the market and financial power of the Sava brand, the best management systems and key strategic knowledge for training the majority-owned companies achieve an above average return on capital (in the branch in which they operate) and assure an efficient management of and supervision over the operations of the companies. To increase the asset value through an efficient management of the investment portfolio.

Vision of Sava d.d.

We will become the most successful and sought-after capital manager in Slovenia, as well as a respected and responsible partner in the sustainable development of the natural and social environment.

Vision of the Sava Group

To become the highest value for our customers and most attractive opportunity for employing the best personnel.

Long-term  development goals of the Sava Group

The development of the Sava Group will be driven by six long-term goals in the next 3-year period; the first three goals are of a financial nature:

  • Develop business sustainably
  • Train employees highly and develop  the high efficiency culture
  • Maintain a portfolio of best products and services (TOP 3/2/1 strategy)
  • Optimise Group assets
  • Increase return on equity
  • Ensure the long-term growth of financial investments
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