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Assets should be appreciated and taken care of, particularly the most important one: our employees.

We are familiar with factors which contribute to high motivation and satisfaction at work, therefore we create systems which managers apply as tools for motivating their teams. Remuneration systems, training courses, collaboration in exacting project groups, training managers about rewarding employees in an informal manner such as praises, feedback about their work are only some of them. We encourage associates to participate in training courses arranged within the Sava Academy, to transfer knowledge, participate in seminars and consultations in various specialised areas. The most successful associates are awarded as model worker, company worker, Sava worker. The award for a model worker amounts to 200 euros, for a company worker to 500 euros and for Sava worker to 1,500 euros.

The system of developing personnel is being introduced in all companies of the Sava Group. Tools used are Sava Dialogue annual interview, trainings, development interviews with key and promising personnel. Promising employees are involved in strategic trainings and project groups. Most gifted are advanced to a new, more demanding job. All employees are encouraged to participate in projects set by the company management as strategically required for the development of business; they visit companies abroad in order to transfer good business practice and accumulate applicable experience in diverse business roles. We appointed successors for the management of the Sava Group and prepared development plans for their careers.


Employee day of the Sava Group, donation for an elevator and opening of the largest toboggan in Slovenia

On the 3 July 2011 the Sava Group organised the second Employee Day for employees and their family members in the spa Ptuj. More than 800 participants  enjoyed this whole-day event. On this occasion  the Sava Group donated a sum of €1,100 to its associate Jože Pučko from the spa Banovci for purchasing an elevator that will alleviate  the life of his 8-year old son, who suffers from the progressive muscle dystrophy. On the very same occasion, Sava's largest investment in Tourism this year – the largest toboggan Tajfun in Slovenia - opened.


The Sava Group was one of the first organisations in Slovenia that in 2007 joined the Family-Friendly Enterprise project. It adopted and implemented numerous measures to facilitate coordination between the professional career and the private life. One of the measures was a day for employees and their family members.   

After an independent external audit the Sava Group obtained a full Family-Friendly Enterprise Certificate in November 2010; the audit report pointed out the above-average results of certain measures and the incorporation of the project in the total management system.   

The participants were addressed by the mayor of the municipality of Ptuj Dr. Štefan Čelan, who among other things embraced sustainability of the Sava Group both towards its employees and the environment where Sava’s companies operate.  

»We know that satisfied, motivated and loyal associates represent a guarantee for sustainable business success. Considering Sava’s values – integrity, responsibility, knowledge, creativity – in daily operations and business decision-making provides us with unity and strength  for an effective step on the path of progress,”  emphasised  Matej Narat, MSc, President of the Management Board of Sava d.d. in his speech. On this occasion he presented to the associate Jože Pučko from  the spa Banovci a Sava Group’s donation of €1,100 for purchasing a special elevator to make the life of his 8-year old son, who suffers from the progressive muscle dystrophy, easier.

With a symbolic cutting of the ribbon the largest toboggan in Slovenia – Tajfun –  opened; this is the greatest investment of Sava’s Tourism this year.   

»The largest Slovene toboggan Tajfun  is about 170 m long and starts on the top of the 15 metre multi-storey tower. It is constructed of three levels; in the medium - typhoon-  part the direction of rings  change the direction. It is possible to slide it in double or triple rings at the same time, up to five persons at once, which is a unique feature in Europe. The toboggan is intended for all adrenaline enthusiasts and families;” described the new attraction in the spa Ptuj Andrej Klasinc, director of Terme Ptuj, d.o.o.


The central part of the employee day was various sports competitions. Under the framework of the Family-Friendly Enterprise project, the Sava Group devotes much attention to sports activities of its employees who engage in the sports society Savčan and its sections. Thus employees and their family members competed in swimming, running, basketball, football, beach volleyball and, for the first time ever, toboggan ride. The best competitors were awarded symbolic prizes, while Terme Ptuj won in total score and received a transitory cup Savercna, which got it name by the goddess of the river Sava, from President of the Management Board of Sava d.d..  


Furthermore, a quiz with attractive prizes was held, a fun game »kremšnitejada«, while dance lovers could dance together with the entertainer of the spa Ptuj, Naf. The housewives from Hajdina cooked some old Roman-style dishes which they usually do every year on the occasion of the Roman Games; Roman-style dishes were prepared on open fire too. Attractive programme by Primus and his Roman Legion only added to the hedonic energy of the day.

The mascots from all Sava tourist destinations - Viki the Stork from Terme 3000, Zaki the Swan from Sava Hotels Bled, feathery Vili from Terme Ptuj, Muki the Squirrel from the health resort Radenci, Edi the Pirate from Terme Banovci and Knight Miha from Terme Lendava - cheered up the  youngest visitors and enjoyed together in juggling, fencing and other fun games. Children  could test their abilities in the Roman Camp and in numerous workshops where they produced various articles and had a lot of fun.


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