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Restructuring the financial obligations of Sava d.d. - information about replacing the SA02 bonds with the SA03 bonds

Following the voting in writing, the holders of the bonds with the designation SA02 adopted a Written Decision on 8 October 2013 in accordance with the provisions of the Conditions for SA02 bonds and in the manner defined in the “Offer Prospectus to the Public for the Bonds of Sava d.d. with the designation SA02”, based on which the constituents of the bonds have changed so that their conditions equal the restructured bank loans.


Additional collateral for the bonds designated SA03

Based on the Agreement on Transfer of Shares as Collateral of 28 April 2010 and the Annex No.1 to the Agreement on Transfer of Shares as Collateral of 21 October 2013 (hereinafter referred to as Agreement), the company Sava, družba za upravljanje in financiranje, d.d., assured the additional collateral of the bonds designated SA03 on 29 October 2013. In accordance with the Agreement, Sava d.d. transferred additional 6,370 shares with the designation GBKR to the fiduciary's account.


Business operations of Sava d.d. and the Sava Group in the three quarters of 2013

At 9th regular meeting, held on 21st September 2013, the Supervisory Board of Sava d.d. was informed about the operations of the Sava Group and Sava d.d. in the period January–September 2013. 


Notification of the 10th Supervisory Board meeting of Sava d.d.

At 10th regular meeting, held on 12th December 2013, the Supervisory Board of Sava d.d. was informed about the business plan of the Sava Group and Sava d.d. for 2014, which represents a further year of implementing the strategy of business and financial restructuring.


Notice about divesting the Bled Golf Course of the subsidiary Sava Turizem d.d.

On 16 December 2013, the management of Sava Turizem  d.d., a subsidiary of Sava d.d., and the representatives of the company Gerrard Enterprises, the founder of the renowned Eligo Group signed the Agreement on Disposal of Business Share of Sava Turizem d.d. in Sava Golf d.o.o., thereby formally finalising the agreement on divesting the golf course in Bled.  Along with the operation the buyer of the Bled Golf Course took over all employees and presented the development plans for the course.



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