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Organised collection of powers of attorney for exercising voting rights at the Shareholders' Meeting

For several years now, Sava d.d. has been actively encouraging the shareholders to exercise their voting rights by way of the organised collection of powers of attorney, based on which shareholders can exercise their voting rights without being personally present at the Shareholders' Meeting, thereby indirectly influencing the managing of the company.

Between 12 May and 14 May 2012, the shareholders of Sava d.d. will receive at their address a letter with the enclosed power of attorney for voting at the 18th Shareholder's Meeting with a list of proxies and instructions for completing the form.  Four proxies are proposed by the Management Board of Sava d.d., two by the VZMD – PanSlovenian Shareholders' Association, and two by the MDS – Slovenian Small Shareholders’ Association. The letter with a power of attorney will have a return envelope enclosed with the printed address and a pre-paid postal charge for returning the completed form back.

In the event that you did not receive the letter with the attached power of attorneyor you misplaced it, you can print it yourselves, complete it and send it at the address:

Vseslovensko združenje malih delničarjev

Salendrova 4

1000 Ljubljana

We recommend our shareholders to return the completed power of attorney until Friday, 18 May 2012, at the latest. Powers received after 21 May 2012 will not be taken into account. 

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