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The beginnings of Sava d.d. date back 100 years. In 1920, the company Atlanta was founded in Kranj, from which “Sava Kranj” developed as an internationally recognised tire company with a wide assortment of rubber-technical products.

During business expansion, Sava carefully chose its strategic partners in the rubber industry (Semperit, Continetal, Goodyear), which enabled growth and development that was based on their own knowledge and innovation. One of the most important milestones in the history of Sava is the year 1998, when the company diversified its divisions. The Sava Group started to emerge with the Rubber, Chemistry, Trade, Tourism, Real-estate and Energy divisions.

In 2000, the stocks of Sava d.d. start to trade on the stock market. In order to ensure the system´s efficiency and to increase the value of investments, the company entered the Finance division.

After the impact of the global financial crisis and the decline of activities in some segments of the real sector, in 2011 new management adopted a strategy of business-financial restructuring. Within the preventive restructuring procedures and the finally confirmed compulsory settlement in 2016, the management ensures conditions for a new development stage of Sava d.d that will be based on the consolidation of the Tourism division. 


In 2019, Sava, d.d. successfully completed the multiyear Financial Restructuring Plan for the Group and adopted the 2019–2023 Strategy of the Sava Group and Sava, d.d., which focuses exclusively on tourism.



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