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Restructuring the financial obligations of Sava d.d. – information on the public notice of the voting result on the proposal to the holders of the SA02 bonds

Yesterday, on 8 October 2013, the term for confirming the written decision, which defines the proposal by Sava d.d. to the holders of the SA02 bonds with regard to changing the provisions and conditions for the bonds based on the written proposal submitted by Sava d.d., expired. As already publicly announced, the proposal refers to a lower interest rate, among other things, and that the same as agreed with the banks under the restructuring agreement for bank loans.

Presently, the official result of voting by the holders of the SA02 bonds is not known yet. The result will be influenced also by the ballot papers, which the SA02 bonds holders posted yesterday and will be received in the course of this day. After all ballot papers are received, the result of the voting will be verified by a certified notary, thus the public notice of the final voting result by the bonds holders is possible not earlier than tomorrow, 10 October 2013, in the afternoon.

Based on the already gathered feedback obtained from the bonds holders, our estimate suggests that the proposed written decision will be endorsed with a required majority of bonds holders. In the event of an official confirmation, this would indicate that Sava d.d. was successful at fulfilling this commitment.

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